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GeneBee - Molecular Biology Server
Supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant 10-07-00685-a
Some services of GeneBee are mirrored at the servers of Bri-shur project

GeneBee Methods And Algorithms
Databanks screening Sequence analysis
 Screening by keywords  AliBee - Multiple alignment Release 3.0
 Pipeline Screening: Keyword -> Similarity  AliGraf - Graphical Alignment
 AliComp - Alignments Comparison
 Screening by similarity Release 3.0  TreeTop - Phylogenetic Tree Prediction
 DotHelix - Construction of the Full Local Similarity Map
 Screening PROSITE databank by protein sequence  RNA secondary structure prediction
 A4 - Adaptive Automated Annotation Release 2.0
 Screening SWISSPROT/PDB databanks
 by pattern or alignment
 OrfBee - ORF Predictor
 IGLA - Pairwise 3D-alignment
Gene Expression Analysis
 GEA - System for Gene Expression Analysis

Free Methods Installed On GeneBee
 NCBI BLAST 2.2.22 Search  NCBI MegaBlast Service
Basic FASTA 3.4 Homology Search
ClustalW 1.83         [Basic]    [Advanced] Muscle 3.6

GeneBee Group Collaboration Research
  RFBR Development of Bionformatics Portal for Suppporting Research in Molecular and System Biology
  FP6 VIZIER Comparative Structural Genomics of Viral Enzymes Involved in Replication
  INTAS Global and Local Protein Matching
  CRDF Quality Control, ORF detection and Gene Anotation of Peanibacillus Dendriformix and Peanibacillus Vortex genomes

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed at: nik@genebee.msu.su