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Downloading Swiss-PdbViewer

Macintosh (PowerMac)

Required hardware:

  • Power Mac (Mac68K are no longer supported)
  • 256 colors monitor
  • Extended Keyboard highly recommended
  • An OSX version (carbonized) is currently available as alpha version.
    It lifts the 256 colors limitation but only runs correctly if the screen depth is set to thousands of colors

Installation Procedure

  1. Download Quickdraw3D and install it (if it is not yet present on your system). This step is optional, but will allow you to render nice images. This is only supported for versions up to 3.6. Version 3.7 supports openGL only, as QuickDraw3D is no longer futher developed.

  2. Download Swiss-PdbViewer v3.7

    Previous versions:
    Download Swiss-PdbViewer v3.7(b2) (stable Beta version)
    Swiss-PdbViewer v3.5 (903Kb)
    Beta version 3.6b2 for QuickDraw3D
    Beta version 3.6b2 for OpenGL (950Kb)

  3. Download Swiss-PdbViewer Loop Database (3.44Mb). This step is useful if you intend to do standalone modelling, of for teaching purposes. If you have a program that can expand .zip files, you can download the .zip version which is "only" 2.45Mb. To be able to use the loop database, put it into the Swiss-PdbViewer "_stuff_" folder.

  4. Download pdf User Guide (for v.3.7) (2Mb).

  5. Download html User Guide v3.0 (698Kb). This step is useful if you want to consult this web based user-guide from a computer not connected to the network. To be able to consult the help directly from within Swiss-PdbViewer, place the content of this folder into the Swiss-PdbViewer "_stuff_" folder.

  6. Download tutorial Material (512Kb). This step is useful to learn how to use spdbv by looking at real examples.

  7. Download Pov-Ray this step is useful only if you intend to make ray-traced images from your molecules.

Note: If your browser starts to display a lot of text instead of prompting you where to save the program, click on the link during about 2 seconds until a pop-up menu appears. Then choose the option "save link as..." and be sure that "source is displayed in the pop-up, not "text". Then drag the file onto Stuffit Expander.


[last modified: 13 June 2002 by N.G]