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Downloading Swiss-PdbViewer

Linux x86 (we use the RedHat distribution)

Requested hardware:

  • Linux for x86 PC
  • X11R6 with at least 16bits
  • US Keyboard
  • 3 button mouse

Installation Procedure 

Download DeepView (Swiss-PdbViewer):

Current Version:DeepView (Swiss-PdbViewer) v3.7sp5 (4.5 Mb)

- Version 3.7 (SP5) requires
glibc-2.2 or higher, e.g. RH 8.x/9.x.
- I.e. this version will not run under RedHat 7.x
OpenGL libraries
- openmotif-2.2.2

If you are running RedHat 7.x or similar systems, please use one of the previous versions:

Swiss-PdbViewer v3.7 (4.6 Mb, RH 7.x)

Old versions:
Swiss-PdbViewer v3.7b2 (stable Beta version, 6.0 Mb)
Swiss-Pdb Viewer (v36b3) (Beta version)
Swiss-PdbViewer v3.5


tar xzf spdbv3.x-Linux.tar.gz



If you have problems installing spdbv, see "FAQ: Installing Swiss Pdb Viewer" for technical details. If you are using remote display (which is not recommended), please note that OpenGL/glut must be installed on the remote machine.

Please, note that the keys and shortcuts will best match the user guide for the Mac version, not for the PC version. However, the Control-Key is mapped to the right Alt Key. The middle mouse button can be used to move the molecule, and the right mouse button can be used to zoom in/out.

The Linux version is a port of the Macintosh version done using a preliminary release of Latitude for Linux kindly made available by Metrowerks Inc. We wish to thank Kevin Buetner for his support, and Greg Galanos for allowing us to release a version of Swiss-PdbViewer that makes use of Latitude.


[last modified: July 2003 by TS]