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European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet) is a science based group of  37 collaborating nodes throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and Africa  

The combined expertize of the nodes allows EMBnet to provide a service to the European molecular biology community which encompasses more than can be provided by a single node.  

Services include  
 - Data and software accesibility to users  
 - Research  
 - Data distribution  
 - Networking  
 - Training  
 - Collaboration  

EMBnet includes 29 National nodes and 8 Specialist nodes.  
National nodes are mandated by their governmental authorities to provide biocomputing services. 
Specialist nodes have extensive knowledge in specific biocomputing areas. 

EMBnet is organized as a foundation called `The EMBnet stichting', registered in the Netherlands.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM), where each node has an equal vote, is the main decision making body of EMBnet. 

EMBnet has a time-tested ifrastructure to organise training courses, give technical help and help its members effectively interact and respond to rapidly changing needs of biological research in a way no single institute is able to do. 

EMBnet nodes are presented in the following list:  

National nodes:  

Specialist Nodes   For more information about EMBnet, see EMBnet homepage and EMBnet news.